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They are extremely independent, with a real need for personal freedom. This is why they are reluctant to get into total commitment situations and often shy away from marriage. If they feel trapped, they become moody and restless. Lack of concentration and too much restlessness can hold them back from realizing their full earning potential. The Sagittarian may overlook small details, but their overall sense of planning is excellent. They have good memories.

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If disciplined, they are capable of great things. Sagittarius like all other zodiac signs, contains three Nakshatra or lunar mansion, which are Mula Nakshatra , Purva Ashadha Nakshatra and one forth of Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra. Sagittarius House in Natal Chart indicates: This is where you must have Expansion, Mental comradeship, higher mind and its spiritual mystery. This is the space of expanding and evolving.

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Time for exploration mind wise. The energy patterns of your experiences may be new. In previous lifetimes these house affairs were neglected. The seeds of conservative view, evolvement, growth, and prosperity must be watered daily. Sagittarius rules the thigh and also governs the 'sciatica nerve and the great saphenous vein. Problems with these may cause ache, cramping or feelings of discomfort in the lumbar region, buttocks, thighs or calves. Sagittarius also rules the expiratory functions of the lungs.

Planets afflicted in Sagittarius may cause sciatica nerve problems that may involve the body from the lumbar to the calf of the leg. There may also be paralysis from injury to the coccyx, and injury from firearms. All occupation related to Jupiter and the ninth house and not related to Pisces. If a person is born between 16th to 25th December, the Sun remains in the 1st Decan of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. It denotes an open-minded, honest, sympathetic and generous disposition.

The native is highly impressionable, fond of liberty and independence. He is often reckless extravagant and careless. But when intellectually awakened he is philosophical, a lover of law and order, peaceful and intuitive. If a person is born between 26th December to 3rd January, the Sun remains in the 2nd Decan of Sagittarius ruled by Mars.

It depicts the impulsive and headstrong tendencies of the sign as a whole.

Sagittarius Traits

It also indicates that the native goes to extremes in exhausting his mental and physical energy. He must be careful not to become over-excited. He must cultivate his powers of self-control and learn to conserve his energy. If a person is born between 4th to 13th January, the Sun remains in the 3rd Decan of Sagittarius ruled by Sun.

You will regret asking for more work or promising more than you can produce. Matters at home are also not supportive, which leaves you in frenzy. Try and postpone important matters to some other day. A worthwhile day on the whole!

Sagittarius Sign Dates, Traits, & More |

Brilliant PR as well as your good communication skills further strengthen your career position. You will also be presented with a good opportunity to socialize in the evening. Overview: With the transit of Saturn and Ketu in your moon sign, you may feel restless and anxious during the month of October. This can also be because you are going through the phase of Sade Sati during this time which is asking you to work extremely hard in order to be able to climb the ladders of success and growth.

It is essential for you to keep strict control over your expenses this month and do not waste money on unnecessary traveling and luxury products at all. Visiting some religious place with ease your restless mind and you will find the peace of mind that you have been searching for a while now.

You may start working on an unfinished work that was stopped due to some reason in the past. During this month, making Sagittarius, your horoscope presents you with a brand new and improved image. Any pending goals or unfulfilled dreams from the past years would become a reality with your hard work. Saturn transits your Moon Sign in , bringing along the effects of Sade Sati. Sagittarius, you will accept your weaknesses and work on removing them this year. Sagittarius is the most free-spirited, fun loving, and easygoing sign of the zodiac with a canny sense of humor flooded with sarcasm.

Represented by archer, half-man half-horse, Sagittarius is the wild child of the zodiac. Just as a horse, they love to wander around, are quick, spontaneous, and adventurous risk-takers. This Sagittarius Horoscope reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important astrological mark to know your future. Are your a Sagittarius Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly. Sagittarius tend to be very outdoorsy people. They are carefree, constantly seeking to add to their knowledge base, but not through facts as of Gemini, but through experience. Sagittarian archer holding an arrow pointing upward suggests their concentration, optimistic attitude and a forward-looking approach.

The most compatible signs for Sagittarius are those who do not try to cling or confine their sense of freedom such as Aries.

Some Famous Sagittarians That Share Your Sign!

You cannot be pretentious or bossy or showy, you are a straightforward person, one who puts truth on the table in the rawest form. Always running on hot, they will be louder, funnier and more prone to putting their foot firmly in their own mouths than other sign. Their unending thirst for knowledge about spirituality and philosophy means they are often a fountain of knowledge about such subjects and they want, no they NEED, to share that knowledge with you at every opportunity.

Sagittarius is the consummate teacher, but take everything they teach you with a pinch of salt. Sagittarius has a massive drive to explain everything, but they are prone to exaggeration and embellishment. Rather, they use more than a little poetic license just to get their point across.

Sagittarius loves adventure and they are usually looking for their next big thing, be that at work or in their personal life. This sunny outlook makes for some cheerful characters — but can also lead to them not really appreciating the emotional content in their lives. This can make them seem superficial and even in denial of the true facts of life.

Sagittarians are masters of burning bridges and they do so quickly and easily. This can mean they appear to change careers and partners easily, leaving behind a mess that others have to sort out!

Moon in Sagittarius horoscope (All about Sagittarius Moon zodiac sign)

They are prone to becoming the perpetual student, especially in topics concerning spirituality or philosophy as they have a huge appetite for learning. In fact, If someone you know is a walking encyclopedia — they may well be a Sagittarius!

Sagittarius: The Preachy Know-It-All Who's Optimistic at All the Wrong Times

Another telling trait is their ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. They tend to speak before really thinking things through. I Seek, I See.

Sagittarius is the gypsy, the student, the philosopher, and the Shaman.