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Wednesday, January 30, 12222
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The place sounded tacky. But after being there for 20 minutes, I had to admit that I was having a fantastic time. And it just got better and more fun as the night wore on.

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I'm sure I made a fool of myself when I did my bowling ball imitation, but I can live with that. At one point I was juggling a bowling pin, a rather large piece of sweet potato tempura and my own shoe while singing Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir"—and I don't even know how to juggle. I have to admit that this sequence of events was typical of my adventures with Aries folks.

I suppose I should learn to trust that they will lead me to where I don't know I want to go.


Merwin provided a message that's in perfect alignment with your current astrological needs: "I needed my mistakes in their own order to get me here. He understood that the apparent flubs and miscues he had committed were essential in creating his successful life. I invite you to reinterpret your own past using his perspective. GEMINI May June 20 : Even if you're an ambidextrous, multi-gendered, neurologically diverse, Phoenician-Romanian Gemini with a fetish for pink duct tape and an affinity for ideas that no one has ever thought of, you will eventually find your sweet spot, your power niche and your dream sanctuary.

I promise. Same for the rest of you Geminis, too. It might take a while. But I beg you to have faith that you will eventually tune in to the homing beacon of the mother lode that's just right for you. Maybe something like this: "More of other people's money and resources can be at your disposal if you emanate sincerity and avoid being manipulative. If you want to negotiate vibrant compromises, pay extra attention to good timing and the right setting.

Devote special care and sensitivity to all matters affecting your close alliances and productive partnerships. But I felt it was my duty to do so because right now you need simple, basic, no-frills advice. I promise I'll resume with my cryptic, lyrical oracles next time. Tags: Free Will Astrology. Be aggressive in nurturing only the very best and brightest.

They found a disorganized mess of treasure in the form of gold and precious gems.

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There were hundreds of chairs made from gold, baskets full of gold coins from the ancient Roman Empire, and a metre-high solid statue of a god, among multitudinous other valuables. I like bringing these images to your attention, Taurus, because I have a theory that if you keep them in your awareness, you'll be more alert than usual to undiscovered riches in your own life and in your own psyche. I suspect you are closer than ever before to unearthing those riches. If they don't, they may not be able to master those aptitudes later in life.

For example, if infants don't get the experience of being protected and cared for by adults, it will be hard for them to develop that capacity as toddlers. This is a good metaphor for a developmental phase that you Geminis are going through.

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In my astrological opinion, and are critical years for you to become more skilled at the arts of togetherness and collaboration; to upgrade your abilities so as to get the most out of your intimate relationships. How are you doing with this work so far? According to the Guinness Book of World Records , it is the darkest stuff on the planet. No black is blacker than Vantablack. It reflects a mere 0.

Horoscopes by Rob Brezsny

Because of its unusual quality, it's ideal for use in the manufacture of certain sensors, cameras, and scientific instruments. Unfortunately, an artist named Anish Kapoor owns exclusive rights to use it in the art world. No other artists are allowed to incorporate Vantablack into their creations.

I trust you will NOT follow Kapoor's selfish example in the coming weeks. In my astrological opinion, it's crucial that you share your prime gifts, your special skills, and your unique blessings with the whole world. Do not hoard! LEO July Aug. I also confess that I am powerless over these addictions.

Now I invite you to be inspired by my silly example and undertake a playful but serious effort to face up to your own fixations. The astrological omens suggest it's a perfect moment to do so.

Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology - Horoscopes - Weekly Horoscope - Horoscope Archives

What are you addicted to? What habits are you entranced by? You need both capacities running at full strength in the coming days. That's why the Green Dragon became known as the "Headquarters of the Revolution.

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It's high time for you to scheme and dream about taking coordinated actions that will spur teamwork and foster liberation. What does that mean? How might you go about "creating" a good father? Well, you could develop a relationship with an admirable older man who is an inspiring role model. You could read books by men whose work stirs you to actualize your own potentials. If you have a vigorous inner life, you could build a fantasy dad in your imagination.

Here's another possibility: Cultivate in yourself the qualities you think a good father should have. And even if you actually had a pretty decent father, Scorpio, I'm sure he wasn't perfect. So it still might be interesting to try out some of these ideas. The coming weeks will be an excellent time to get more of the fathering energy you would thrive on.

Does that prospect have any appeal to you, Sagittarius? I don't, of course, recommend that you keep running for the rest of your long life. After a while, it will be wise to rest and ruminate. But I do think it might be illuminating to try this brazen approach for a week or two. If it feels right, you might also want to mix in some dancing and skipping and leaping with your running. To solve them, you will have to learn much more about the arts of intimacy — or else! It's up to you: Either work your ass off as you strengthen your important relationships, or else risk watching them unravel.

But don't take this as a grim, sobering assignment.

The Goal of Free Will Astrology

On the contrary! Play hard. Experiment freely. Be open to unexpected inspiration. Have fun deepening your emotional intelligence. That approach will work best. That doesn't mean you should avoid seeking connections with intriguing people who captivate your imagination. It does suggest you should have no illusions about what you are getting yourself into. It also implies that you should cultivate a sense of humor about how the experiences that rouse your passion often bring you the best tests and trials.

And why am I discussing these eccentric truths with you right now? Because I suspect you will be living proof of them in the months to come. Then a lucky event occurred: It was stolen. When it was finally recovered months later, it had been ripped out of its frame. An art restorer who was commissioned to repair it discovered that there was a previously-unknown Cezanne painting on the back of the canvas. Now both sides are on view at the St.