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Planets will work jointly to exterior stimulus and react on the other. Planets are believed delight using some houses. Astrologers should be only interested in the achievable. Uranian Astrology runs on the 90, 45, or 15 degree wheel rather than the degree wheel utilized in well known astrology. Uranian Astrology is function focused and it is fairly precise in accordance with its enthusiasts.

I still find it very efficient. Uranian astrology provides the latest measurement to graph and or chart meaning. Discover ways to use the 8 Uranian power points, the 90 degree wheel and mid- points. Witte enhanced and further more designed the usage of statistical midpoints for accurate astrological evaluation and conjecture. Uranian astrology appreciated its biggest achievement in German-speaking locations throughout the 1st one half of the 20th century. Can there be a simple way to make use of Uranian astrology? It represents business, technology, peacefulness, and achievement.

Additionally it is linked to the old past and secrets. In addition, it pertains to art issues. It is assigned to concerns that will get obstructed and come to a total halt. Additionally, it may consider things on the depths, as a symbol of complete focus. Learn how these kinds of astrology came from, what makes them unique, and what approaches they use.

Horoscope- predictions by traditional astrologers. Kozmik Horoscopes. Unique page Astrology Report. Luck Predictor The genuine individual luck predictor is a simple yet highly effective way for you to predict. Lucky Days. Free Evaluation. Professional Astrology Services. This was written at the time when I had better thing to do when it was a time of discovery for me as I used the tools and knowledge at my disposal to really get some insight to the theory of determining when an earth quake is indicated using New and Full Moon Charts in concert with astro-cartography maps!

I will also to the best of my knowledge all tools and interpretations to explain this in a post I wrote after the time this terrible event happened! I emphasis that all disasters are tragic and unfortunate! Before I begin this information was researched to the best of my abilities as an astrologer and this information is a few months old and it is a reprint from a post I made earlier in this year! New Moon Charts 2. Astro-Cartography 3. I find it interesting that when you use New Moon charts as well as Full Moon ones combined with Astro Cartography Maps for the area of the event in this case Earth Quakes- then you see in the map.

Even in the New Moon Chart of Nov 16th that in 3 months time there is an indication of a possible tension in the area- but really my belief indicates that an cartography can really show some interesting results. SA squares PL. Astro-cartography maps- just the basic rule I find it the planetary positions on the map just an indication that it takes up to 3 months max. That tragic earthquake in Haiti was in Jan.

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Well why not have New Moon Charts? Even at times a Full Moon charts too. What do New Moon Charts do and thus when you combine it with astro cartography maps you get a sense as to what will happen within a period of 3 months time! This was a duration into almost 2 months time line. There is a quake happened of the coast of of an island in the same area west of Haiti. Monitoring closely I saw an earth quake report of the coast of Guatemala in Central America. This just another tool for astrological predictions, but I am really surprised that maybe I am the first here to ever use this technique.

I cast the chart for the time the quake happened right down to the precise location of the epicenter of this powerful quake.

The Hypothetical Trans-Neptunian Planets

Sad or depressive — unaccommodating — indifferent or neglectful — evasive — secretive — may have emotive disorders — not always reliable — envious — abuses trust or dependency if unevolved Physical health issues relating especially to women — Need for refinement in personal interactions — Shared breakdowns, damages, or injuries — Primitive populations or nations needing refinement — Aversions affecting partnerships — Emotional dysfunction relating especially to men — Mutual discomfort — Mutual distrust — Regrets or sadness relating to partners — Mournful hours — Days or years of losses among the public.

We turn now to the New Moon Chart for the recent earth quake. Admetos is all about. To remain isolated — Unyielding men — Passivity — Rejection — Blockages or obstacles — To be overwhelmed — Dead bodies. Note, each year is represented by a dot.

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Mainly what makes this fascinating is the fact that the Rogressed Sun which revolves around the chart. I used the same methods shown on this forum as an example to what happened with the tragic events in Haiti.

Astrology: Admetos (Uranian Planet)

This is a Brief analysis to the events for Chile. Cast the chart from the time of SunSet on the Day of Independence. So we look at this chart. There is;. Sun is squared SS Pluto R. Pluto is about to conjoin SS Moon R. Pluto is opposing SS Neptune R. Mars has conjoined SS Uranus.

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  5. This chart was calculated at SunSet and not using the Tropical zodiac. I used the equal housing system. I like to go back to the Uranian Astrology chart using the 90 degree dial, to really examine a few things. Just by leaving the dial pointed at the Aries axis there is a very important significance that is indicated here with the Planetary Picture:. Force of nature.

    The final favour Apollo did for Admetos was persuading the fates to remove his destined day of death, his wife opting to die in his stead. Admetos was not overjoyed at this, however, as life without his wife seemed more meaningless. Again his hospitality and kindness was repaid, this time by Heracles who descended to the underworld and fought Thanatos, god of Death, so that he would release Alcestis. Uranian astrology interprets Admetos as a planet of manifestation — it brings the ability to ground visions and make them real — this can be a double edged sword as that which becomes manifest can as easily be difficult and upsetting as it can be joyful.

    This is reflected in the myth of Admetos when his wish to escape death was granted — but at what cost? As with many of the Uranian planets Admetos is associated with specific physical and emotional difficulties and indicates an opportunity to remove blockages. With Admetos conjunct the South Node since September this pass of Mercury Rx in opposition is giving a last opportunity to understand what from our past has been holding us back and creating blockages, freeing us up to move forward towards the promise of the North Node.

    Admetos and the South Node are conjunct fixed star Algol which is often associated with strife, anger and discord — and we may expect to see occasions during this Mercury Rx when, as issues rise to the surface and conscious awareness, people become upset, angry and even disorientated with their grief, especially if what has been causing blockages is especially traumatic.

    More on Admetos can be found here. While Admetos is working through issues brought up through the South Node asteroid Astraea is conjunct the North Node.

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    Like her mother before her Astraea is a personification of justice, however with Astraea that personification is less worldly wise as she has the innocence and purity of a child. Astraea was the last of the immortals to live alongside human beings, before humanity descended into ways of wickedness and injustice. The myths tell that one day she will return, heralding the dawn of a new golden age. When Satan is discovered in the Garden of Eden and brought before the Angel Gabriel, the two are on the verge of war.

    In the Station retrograde chart the Moon is closely conjunct asteroid Nestor. In mythology Nestor was an Argonaut known for his wisdom and wise counsel.